Serving Clayton, Coweta, Fayette, Henry, Pike, South Fulton, Spalding County

SAASC Manuals

This page covers the guidelines and introductory materials for NA Service at the South Atlanta Area Service Committee.

These materials are useful for new SAASC members, and members that have lost or misplaced their copy of materials.

Policy + Administrative Guidelines

The SAASCNA Policy if a set of instructions agreed upon by the groups of which the area will conduct business on their behalf. The ASC only diverts from this set policy in dire situations or for time sensitive situations as determined by the administrative committee.

Consensus Based Decision Making

Consensus based decision making is at the heart of SAASC decisions and recommendations.

We use this document as a guideline for handling topics and decisions to make sure that all members have equal say, and are not marginalized.

Are these up to date?

Though we strive to keep the copies of these documents current, we are run completely by volunteers, and may be a little old. Talk to a GSR, or come to area to get the current copy.